Ever After Weddings

Here is where it all started ...... Owner of Oh MY LLC, Mica and Husband Brett Yonker.

Mr & Mrs Yonker

May 25 2002

Father of the Bride Jesse Haas & Daughter Mica Yonker



Mr & Mrs Yonker May 25 2002









June 2009





 Sorry Ladies he's taken as of April 15th 2010 Congrats J & P!



Mr & Mrs Pollock August 2011 



Lori and her pretty in pink Bridesmaids Sept 25th 2013




                         Riccole with daughter and flower girl Brooke 

Zak eagerly awaits his bride with his brothers Nick & Matt.

Zak and Riccole Haas  May 10th 2014 



HOLLYWOOD!!!! ALL HALLOWS EVE                                                                Mr & Mrs Karol (Robby & Terra)  10-25-14



Mr & Mrs Clinton June 2014


Bothers in Arms 



VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!                                                                                              Mr & Mrs (Bret & Martha) Seaman November 6th 2014

Mr & Mrs Parsons  (Bill & Jennifer) July 18 2015

For Jennifer's gown Oh MY LLC created a custom corset back alteration.




2016 Jamal & Michelle



Mr & Mrs New (Josh & Kim) July 17 2017

Every detail of this gown was hand designed specifically for Kim in this  custom created bridal gown by Oh MY LLC.



Ryleigh wearing the gown she helped us design pictured with her Dad Josh


Tuxedos supplied by Oh MY LLC



Mr & Mrs Watkins Sept 15 2018

Every woman loves a sharp dressed man!

The tug of war begins

She WON!.... Though we never really doubted her.

Her Highness's forever loyal Royal subjects

Oh MY LLC outfitted this entire bridal party all the way down to the her crown, and his cane and top hat.



October 20th 2018 Mr & Mrs Egman (Josh & Jen)




Mr & Mrs Dakota & Maria Gross

Oh MY LLC's owner, Mica Yonker, performed a private ceremony just them.


Then performed a more public ceremony making it official on June 23rd 2019 

Their theme was Tim Burton. So we helped Maria incorporate it in her dress by creating a rhinestone bridal belt by hand, designing 2 removable trains and creating her a custom dual layered, hand made veil. 

 One in silver for the ceremony


We hand dyed her other train to match their wedding colors. Which made for a very dramatic entrance!



All attire provided by Oh MY LLC




MR &MRS Gentry

Custom made guest sign by Oh MY LLC

Custom made guest book sign by Oh MY LLC 



Dad Martin &  Daughter Abby, as he leads his little girl down the isle. 

Mr & Mrs Simpson (Jarred & Abby) Oct 10 2020


Off to Happily Ever after



Mr & Mrs Holmes Oct 31 2020 Corpse Bride Themed